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Ditch The Dummy

Ditch The Dummy
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The Top tips they share are ; 

  • Offer something else as a comforter in place of the dummy; this can be a specific teddy or a small blanket.
  • Once your baby is asleep, take the dummy away
  • If your baby wakes in the night try to comfort them without giving them back the dummy
  • Remove dummies from the home or keep them out of sight.
  • Never let your baby babble or talk with the dummy in their mouth, this will stop them from learning to speak clearly
  • Depending on their age and level of understanding you can prepare your child for what’s going to happen. For example, you might say: “Tomorrow we’re going to say bye-bye to dummy because you’re a big boy/girl now”
  • You can ask your child to collect all their dummies into a bag and then leave them out for the fairies/Easter bunny/Santa to collect.  You can leave a small gift to replace the dummies
  • Give your child praise and encouragement, and if they haven’t mentioned the dummy, try not to remind them
  • You may want to use an incentive such as a sticker chart to show your child how well they’re doing.
  • If your child asks for the dummy you can either explain to them that they can only have it at sleep times or that we don’t have the dummy anymore. You can also use distraction by quickly diverting their attention to playing and having fun.
  • Consistency really is key. Once you have decided to ditch the dummy, you and all those who care for your little one must stay consistent.

We know this is easier said than done, but we are here to support you every step of the way .
Feel free to speak to one of the early years professionals or give Kim a call on 0121 3080338

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